Our Methodology

“Develop a Creative and Modern Game Following Our Unique Methodology. ”
Rafa Nadal Academy USA - Our Dna Court Training

Our Dna Court Training

Recognition and Anticipation

We understand that modern tennis and tennis of the future is played first with the ‘eyes’, then with the ‘mind’, next with the ‘legs’ and finally with the ‘hands’. In the camps we will apply training systems geared in this direction to prepare you to anticipate and take the initiative of the game.

Patience and Endurance

Develop patience, endurance, and consistency from the baseline to outplay your opponents.

Effort and Power

Build a solid game style based on effort where any defensive situation can turn into an offensive opportunity by generating power in forced positions.

Risk Management and Tactical Knowledge

Defense and offense are always intertwined in tennis, and it’s the instantaneous conversion of a losing position into a winning position that makes the sport so thrilling. Learning how to differentiate both positions and making good decisions will take your game to the next level.
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Rafa Nadal Academy USA - Building a Champion #rnavalues

Building a Champion

The mission of the entire team of the Rafa Nadal Academy Camp by Movistar is to try to school young athletes on the values of effort, discipline, honesty, commitment, humility, and respect, among others, are the identity mark of the Rafa Nadal Academy Camp by Movistar and the pillars that will sustain our education, training and, in general, the comprehensive development of individuals.

Athletic Peformance

The coordination capacities of each student gives them the base to make the impossible possible, to make what is possible look easy and to make what is easy look elegant.

This includes mobility, balance, reaction speed, agility changing directions, explosiveness of the movements and resistance.

Rafa Nadal Academy USA - Athletic Peformance
Rafa Nadal Academy USA - Rafa Nadal Academy Experience

Learn to Compete

Tolerance and Fighting Spirit

Learn to compete controlling the mind, the body language, and fighting until the last ball.

Confidence Building

Increase confidence by creating tactical situations that favor your game.

Emotional Control & Problem Solving Abilities

Good players know how to solve big competition problems. Learn how to focus your attention on finding solutions rather than focusing on frustration and negative thoughts.

Development Plan

One-to-one coaching will include:

  • On court coaching during competition and post match analysis during our internal UTR tournament.
  • Video analysis of Pro players and comparisons to your own game.
  • Player profiling and understanding what is needed at the highest level.
  • Individualized development plan to identify your strenghts and give you a clear playing identity
  • At the end of the camp, you will take away a personal player evaluation with valuable insight into your current performance, and a development plan to improve your game as you return to your academy or school (optional).
Rafa Nadal Academy USA - Development Plan