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Rafa Nadal Tennis Camps in Newport

Experience the ultimate tennis camp with Rafa Nadal in Newport, Rhode Island.

With a long tennis history and the home of the Tennis Hall of Fame, Newport is the perfect summer destination to improve your skills. The prestigious St. George’s School was founded in 1896 and boasts 8 brand new Har-Tru tennis courts as well as indoor courts, gym and training centre. Located on a scenic bluff overlooking the Atlantic, the setting could not be better for a summer of tennis.

July 11th – July 16th

July 18th – July 23rd

Performance Tennis Camp

Youth players from 10 to 18 train with the official Rafa Nadal Academy training staff to improve their game and maximize their potential through the Rafa Nadal Methodology during the tennis camps in Newport. Players also learn about the positive values Rafa transmits both on and off the court, setting an example for not just players, but for entire communities. The 6-day camp consists of training with unique access to the Academy’s training philosophy. Players will experience how to play modern & creative tennis – an attractive, technically/tactically-skilled, forward-playing game. The camps are open to all levels except beginners. Beginners are welcome to register in our private lessons. Players will be grouped by age and skill level so that every participant is challenged.

Rafa Nadal Academy USA - Junior Tennis Camp

6 Day Tennis Camp

» Camps implemented by Rafa Nadal Academy coaches from Mallorca, Spain.

» A total of 38 hours of activities distributed as follows:

  • 10 hours of tennis training.
  • 5 hours of learn to compete activities.
  • 6 hours of athletes performance training.
  • 6 hours of racket skills.
  • 5 hours of Building a Champion.
  • UTR tournament (6 hours).

» Individualized development plan (personal player evaluation).

July 11th – July 16th

July 18th – July 23rd

Rafa Nadal Academy USA - Junior Tennis Camp

high performance tennis

The High Performance Tennis Program is a high-intensity four day program that meets from 4 – 7 pm. Designed for advanced players ages 16 -19 considering college level tennis,  the program improves tennis skills and tactics through sessions that are fully customized for the needs of each individual player. Sessions address player specific goals established by the player and coach. Class sizes are limited to optimize learning and improvement in every aspect of the game.

Girls should have a minimum 6 UTR and boys should have a minimum 7 UTR.

Players receive feedback on all the aspects of their game and suggested post program exercises so they can continue to improve.

Goal: To maximize the player’s strengths and minimize their weaknesses, improving their tennis performance and physical fitness

July 11th – July 14th

July 18th – July 21st


Adult Tennis Clinics

The adult tennis clinics in Newport are designed to help players excel in their league, tournament, and club competitions. Players train with Rafa Nadal’s official training staff using Rafa Nadal methodology. During the clinics, players train 1.5 hours per day with a focus on technique, tactics, mindset, and performance.

The training goes from improving minor aspects of play to focus on strategic play and competing at a championship level. Although our clinics are open, we require a minimum skill level based on USTA standings. Please specify your level of play in our registration form so that the organization can group players accordingly. Please note that during the first training session players may be moved around by the Rafa Nadal Academy Head Coach based on their real level and/or the group distribution requirements. Beginners are welcome to register in our private lessons, for more information please contact us.

Rafa Nadal Academy USA - Total Tennis Doubles

Total Tennis Doubles


July 11th – July 23rd

Classes are available:
Mondays & Wednesdays
Tuesdays & Thursdays
Rafa Nadal Academy USA - Total Tennis Singles

Total Tennis Singles


July 11th – July 23rd

Classes are available:
Mondays & Wednesdays
Tuesdays & Thursdays

Reasons to Join Us

Rafa Nadal Academy USA - Rafa Nadal Academy Worlwide Recognized Methodology

Rafa Nadal Academy Worlwide Recognized Methodology

Train under the Rafa Nadal Academy methodology and improve your game and maximaze your potential under the same winning mentality that helped Rafa Nadal win 20 Grand Slams.

Spanish Rafa Nadal Academy Coaches

Coaches selected and trained in the Rafa Nadal Academy will travel from Spain to coach the players.
Rafa Nadal Academy USA - Spanish Rafa Nadal Academy Coaches
Rafa Nadal Academy USA - Reduced Groups

Reduced Groups

To ensure the best training quality each court will be supervised by 1 Rafa Nadal Academy coach in a maximum of 4 players each court.